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Looking for a Plugin that takes the Backup of your complete WordPress website, then check this UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin which easily backup & Restores Your WP Website.

UpdraftPlus Plugin helps you to take a backup of your WordPress website from time to time and if some wrong thing happens with your website then you can easily restore your Website Data.

You can set this plugin on auto-mode also, it can take backup day to day, week to week, and much more time period for auto-backup. And, you can also restore your backup easily.

Also, If you are a beginner then also learn how to install WordPress Theme and how to install WordPress Plugins. I hope you like these guides.

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How to Setup UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin:

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Step 1:- Download UpdraftPlus Plugin on your WordPress:

Install Updraft Plugin

First, you have to Install and Activate the Updraft Plugin on your WordPress Dashboard in Plugin Section. you can download from here and Upload the file on Plugin Upload Section.


Step 2:- Click on UpdraftPlus Settings on Plugins Section:

Click on Updraft Settings

After Activate the Plugin, this screen appears automatically, and then click on UpdraftPlus Settings on the Plugin Section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3:- Go on Settings to connect Google Drive:

Click on Settings

After clicking on Settings in Plugin Section on your WordPress Dashboard, then this screen appears, first, you have to connect your google drive to the store and backup your data, and Do not click onBack Up now” until you did not connect your google drive with this Plugin.

To connect it to google drive click on Settings as shown in the image.

Step 4:- Choose your Backup Schedule:

Choose your Backup Schedule

After clicking on Settings, this screen will appear now you have to set up the Backup Schedule of your WordPress Website like you have to set it on Auto-mode.

And how much time you retain the backup on your account, all settings you have to set up, In this below image I recommend these settings:

Recommended Schedule Settings:

Recommended Schedule Settings

When you set it other than the Manual setting, then it is automatically set on Auto-mode.

Files Backup Schedule:- Weekly and retain this many scheduled backups: 8 (this means how much backup you want to save at one time, so I suggest 8 backups, which means 8 weeks back up if you choose weekly backup).

Database Backup Schedule:- Same as Files Backup Schedule.

Why I Recommend Weekly Backup: I Recommend Weekly Backup Because if you choose daily backup then it will make your WordPress website and WP Dashboard very heavy which affects your website speed and performance of your WordPress.

Step 5:- Choose your Remote Storage:

Choose Remote Storage

After choosing the Backup Schedule, you need to Choose your remote Storage where you want to Store or Backup your Data, in this option, there is much remote Storage Software.

But I recommend Google Drive as the best Remote Storage for Backup your WordPress Website Data. So Just click on Google drive.

Step 6:- Select Google Drive Options:

Select Google Drive Options:-

After clicking on Google drive, these options will appears like folder names in which folder all the backup is saved on your google drive. And also what data you should back up.

Also, there is an option for reporting every backup which is sent to your Admin email address, you can check that option if want to every email for the backup report.

We recommend whole website data Plugins, themes, Upload and any other Directories found inside wp-content, you should check all these options for a complete backup of your website.

Also, you can simply backup your data from more than one remote storage, you just need to install an Add-on plugin. Just click on the link which is shown in the below image.


Step 7:- Click on Save Settings > Follow the Link to connect Google Drive:

Follow the Link to connect Google Drive

After clicking on Save settings, this link appears and you should click on this link and connect the G-mail Id where you want to store your data, which means in which google mail drive you should keep your backup.

And then click Allow where this message is shown UpdraftPlus wants to access your Google Account. And then Click on Complete Setup as shown in the Below Image.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

That’s it you will Successfully Complete the Setup of the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

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If you need to Take Manual Backup Anytime:

Just click on the “Back up Now” Button as shown in the Below Image:-

Manual Backup

After Clicking on Backup Now, you should check the settings on manual Backup, I recommend these settings on while Manual Backup as shown in the below image, and then click on Backup Now again:-

Manual Backup Settings

After Clicking on Backup Now, it will take time according to your data, heavy data takes more time and small data takes less time.

After completing the Backup, you can show all your Auto-mode backups or manual backups over here as shown in the below image:-

All Existing Backups

So, this is how you can Take Backups through the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

How to Restore your Website Data through Existing Backups:

Case 1:- If any post or page or any Particular data deleted from your WordPress Dashboard, then you just simply go on UpdraftPlus Plugin and Choose an Existing Backup and Click on Restore. 

Restore Backups

Then Click on the Restore button it will ask you which data you want to restore like Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and others.

If you want to restore all these data then simply check all the boxes or if you want to restore only one particular data then you just simply check only 1 box.

And, then click on Restore Now. And, that’s it you will successfully restore your Old Data through existing Backups.

Case 2:- If your WordPress Website completely deleted by mistake, then you just need to install a new WordPress Dashboard on the same Domain and then Repeat these steps which are mentioned above in this article:- Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 5, Step 7.

Just Simply repeat these steps to get your Existing Backups on your UpdraftPlus Plugin. After repeating these steps your Plugin looks like this as shown in the below image.

Get all exisiting backups

After this, repeat the same step as we tell you in Case 1 in this article. 

Clicking on the “Restore” button will ask you which data you want to restore like Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and others. In this, you need to Check all the boxes to restore the whole Website Data.

And, then click on “Restore Now”. And, that’s it you will successfully restore your Old website through existing Backups.

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So, here is a small guide for UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin, how you backup your WordPress Website and Restore them if something wrong happens to your Website.

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Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below and also if you have any query or suggestion just Feel free to contact us.

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