Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2023

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If you want to start your Affiliate marketing journey then this is the best place to know what is the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for beginners to earn good passive income through affiliate marketing.

But First, you need to have a platform to add your affiliate links like a youtube channel or a website. If you need to start a website then I recommend you to go for Bluehost web hosting. Also, read free WordPress themes for affiliate marketing and free WordPress plugins.

Affiliate Marketing is the Best and simplest way to earn passive income. Pat Flynn has earned over $3 million in affiliate revenue (Top Affiliate Marketer). If you are a beginner then don’t expect such huge numbers in a short time but you can earn a decent amount of affiliate income every month.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of those types of online marketing where you can promote other’s products and services and in return, you get some commission on each sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing

And Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to earn passive income and many affiliate marketing programs provide a recurring income which means you need to refer only 1 customer and you will get a commission each time whenever they pay for their product.

What are Affiliate Marketing networks?

Affiliate Networks are the Marketplace of different types of Affiliate programs from different merchants. Here you can join multiple affiliate programs in one place. Affiliate Networks work as an intermediate between affiliate merchants and affiliates. 

Here are some of the Best Affiliate Networks such as ShareasaleCommission JunctionRakuten, Impact, and Awin. On these Affiliate networks, you can find thousands of merchants and an extensive selection of affiliate products to promote even in your specific niche.

My Most Recommended Tools

  • Bluehost:- Overall Best Web Hosting 
  • Hostinger:- Most Affordable Hosting
  • WPX:- Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • Semrush:- Best SEO & SEM Tool
  • ConvertKit:- #1 Email Marketing Tool
  • Fiverr:- Buy or Sell Freelancer Services
  • Surferseo:- A.I. Content Writing Tool
  • Udemy:- Buy or Sell Online Courses
  • Nord VPN:- Best VPN Software
  • WIX:- Best Website Builder Platform
  • Shopify:- Best E-commerce Platform
  • GeneratePress:- Fastest WP Theme
  • Flippa:- Buy/Sell any Website/Domain
  • AAWP:- Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate Marketing Program is an online referral program where brands provide a platform for affiliate marketers to join and earn some commission whenever someone purchases their products and services through affiliate links.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

In Affiliate Marketing Program affiliate merchants and marketers come to terms with the specific details of their working relationship. Every brand has a different commission structure, different Terms & Conditions, Different Cookie Duration, and many more.

But Remember these basic points Before joining any Affiliate Marketing Program:

  • It Should be Easy to Join. (No Extra Cost to join their Program, it should be Free).
  • They provide Good Affiliate commissions. (Generally, it depends on the cost of the product, an average 4% – 10% is a good commission)
  • If any Affiliate Program provides Long Cookie Duration, then it is a good affiliate program (30 days to 90 days)
  • Mostly choose those Affiliate programs that give recurring commissions, if possible.
  • Before joining any affiliate marketing program must read their Terms & Conditions because if you don’t follow their rules then they will suspend your affiliate account.
  • Must check their Minimum Threshold Amount & Period. Make sure it should not be too long to pay your earnings.
  • Also, check their Affiliate Payment Option because 90% of Affiliate Programs use Paypal to Transfer your affiliate earnings. And if you don’t have a PayPal account then please sign up. (Otherwise, EFT is also available in most of the Affiliate Programs).

Here are Some Basic Steps to becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer:

Here are some basic steps to become a successful Affiliate Marketer based on my 3 years of Affiliate Marketing Experience. If you follow these steps then you will definitely earn a good amount of money. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:- First Learn About Affiliate Marketing:

Read blogs about Affiliate marketing and also watch videos on youtube related to affiliate marketing. Believe me, it helps me a lot because every blog and video gives me a new idea of how to do affiliate marketing  (A basic step for every beginner).

If you want to learn affiliate Marketing from experts and professionals then purchase a course from Udemy. And here are some good Blogs to follow:

Step 2:- Build your Platform:

First, you need to make your website or youtube channel. The First tool for creating a website is to choose web hosting and I recommend Bluehost.

Step 3:- Focus on Single Niche:

First focus on One niche please do not go for the Multi-niche website. Then Create blogs or videos related to your niches up to 5 posts before applying for any affiliate program. 

Step 4:- Sign Up For a Related Affiliate Program in Your Niche:

Then, signup for an affiliate program related to your niche (Only signup for those programs which are related to your particular niche). And I also tell some great affiliate marketing programs below in this article.

Step 5:- Create High-Quality Content:

After getting approval, you create blogs or videos related to affiliate products that help you to increase affiliate sales. Remember one thing Consistency is the key to success in Affiliate Marketing.

You need to create some good stuff for your visitors because the content is the ultimate king, if your content is attractive then you are on the right path to making good affiliate money. If you don’t know how to write Blogs then hire a Content writer from Fiverr.

Step 6:- Focus on SEO to Get Organic Traffic:

Keep the focus on SEO, because SEO is the major thing that helps to rank your blogs and helps to increase your website traffic. I recommend Semrush to find Targeted Keywords (It is the No.1 SEO & SEM Tool available in the Market and Start your 7 days Free Trial on Semrush).

Step 7:- Use Email Marketing:

Also, add a newsletter on your blogs and try to get more and more E-mails from your visitors, because E-mail marketing is the best method for generating good affiliate income. And I recommend ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool and also read the best email marketing tips to improve your ROI.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners:

Here are the Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners which is very easy to join and these are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs available in the Market.


 Surfshark (Commission Rate Up to 60% Per Sale)

SurfShark Affiliate Program

Surfshark is an affiliate program and a privacy protection platform that provides access to such tools as VPN, Antivirus, and Incogni. Affiliate marketers are at liberty to select any traffic source and GEO. The offers are available under the RevShare payout model with a default payout rate of 40%.

Surfshark is an affiliate program of the Surfshark privacy protection platform. The main product, Surfshark VPN, ranks Top-3 best VPN services and is relevant and acclaimed by users worldwide. The platform provides comprehensive ad campaign management and tracking, while affiliates get custom-made promos and performance-related bonuses.

  • Commission Rate:- Up to 60% Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $100
  • Payment Duration:- After 30 days (When 30 days Money back guarantee Period is over)
  • Join the Surfshark Affiliate Program.

 Media Mister (Commission Rate Up to 50%)

Media Mister Affiliate Program

Media Mister is a renowned social media marketing website that offers safe and authentic social singles for different platforms. It has been active since 2011 and has an excellent track record of serving over 1 00,000 satisfied customers. If you are just starting out, Media Mister’s affiliate program is the best choice for you. For starters, it is absolutely free from start to finish, so basically, no strings attached. Plus, with legit social signals in high demand, you can look forward to an amazingly high conversion rate.

These guys offer up to 50% commission on sales and pay every week directly through PayPal. Moreover, Media Mister ensures that its affiliates get their cut and have an extended cookie length of 1 year. It means that if someone gets redirected to their website through your link and makes a purchase within a year, you’ll still get your money. So, do check out Media Mister’s highly lucrative affiliate program to explore its other striking features.

 PureVPN (Commission Rate Up to 100%)

PureVPN Affiliate Program

PureVPN is one of the oldest VPN services in the industry provides online security and freedom to its users, having an affiliate program as well.

They offer one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry, and their service is top-notch, with earnings of up to 100% on each new sale, with the opportunity to work through any domain or platform, from any desired region.

Their affiliate program is simple to join and easy to use. You’ll be able to start promoting PureVPN in no time and earn a commission on every sale you make. So if you’re looking for a great way to earn some extra money, then sign up for the PureVPN affiliate program today! Not just the commissions, you will be earning performance-based rewards/bonuses and incentives.

  • Commission Rate:- 100% on a monthly plan | 40% on all other plans | 35% recurring commission on all plans.
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $100 for PayPal | $500 for Bank wire transfer.
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Payment Duration:- Monthly payment cycle, payments for a single month are processed by the 15th to 20th of the following month, for example, all commissions earned for October will be sent by the 15th to the 20th of November.
  • Join PureVPN Affiliate Program.

1:- Amazon Associates:- (Commission Rate Up to 20%)

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates (Best For Beginners) is the Most Popular and Best affiliate program for beginners. If you just entered the Affiliate Marketing world then you should definitely try this affiliate program for once because amazon ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day.

That’s why it is very easy to promote and sell amazon affiliate products and amazon gives up to 20% commission which helps you to earn some good Affiliate money. If you increase your Amazon affiliate conversions then I recommend you to use AAWP Plugin which is Best for Amazon affiliates to boost sales.

Amazon Affiliate USA Commission Structure:

Amazon Affiliate USA Commission Structure

  • Commission Rate:- Up to 20%
  • Cookie Duration:- 24 Hours
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $100
  • Payment Duration:- After 60 Days (It means January Earnings Paid on 31st March)
  • Join Amazon Affiliate Program.

2:- Bluehost (Commission Rate From $65 to $125)

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the highest-paying Affiliate Programs available in the Market. It is a well-reputed web hosting available in the market. Here is the Bluehost Affiliate Commission Structure per month:

  • 1-5 referrals $50 per signup
  • 6-10 referrals $75 per signup
  • 11-20 referrals $100 per signup
  • 21+ referrals $125 per signup

It is completely free to join and start promoting their products such as shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc.

  • Commission Rate:- Up to $65 to $125
  • Cookie Duration:- 90 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $100
  • Payment Duration:- After 45- 60 Days (It means January Earnings Paid on 15th March to 31st March)
  • Join Bluehost Affiliate Program.

3:- Fiverr (Commission Rate From $15 to $150)

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is the most famous Freelancing marketplace where you can buy and sell your professional work like Graphics & Design, digital marketing, writing & Translation, Video Animation & Programming, Tech, etc. Fiverr Affiliates is very easy to join and Promote their services.

  • Commission Rate:- Up to $15 to $150
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $100
  • Payment Duration:- Each Month whenever you meet the Minimum Threshold.
  • Join Fiverr Affiliate Program.

4:- Semrush (Earn $200 For Every New Subscription)

Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is the Best SEO & SEM Tool available in the market. You can earn $200 for each new subscription and $10 for every new trial. You can Join the Semrush Affiliate Program through Impact Radius.

It is very easy to join and Promote if you target semrush to the right audience then you will earn some really good affiliate money through this program.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn $200 for each new Subscription
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- 1 Sale
  • Payment Duration:- Each Month whenever you meet the Minimum Threshold.
  • Join Semrush Affiliate Program.

5:- Wix (Earn $100 per Premium user)

Wix Affiliate Program

Wix is the Most popular Website Builder Platform to create an attractive website for any business. So Wix gives you $100 per premium user each time. $100 is the highest affiliate commission for any website builder platform. So join this program and earn some good affiliate money.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn $100 per Premium User
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $300
  • Payment Duration:- 15th day of Each Month whenever you reach $300.
  • Join Wix Affiliate Program.

6:- Shopify (10% – 20% Recurring Commission Per User)

Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is the most popular E-commerce platform where you can sell and manage your products online. Its basic plan starts at $29/mo* to the Advance Shopify plan with $299/mo*. Shopify gives a 20% Recurring Affiliate Commission on each sale. 

Recurring Commission is the best way to earn Affiliate money. You just need to do 1 sale and you get a commission every time whenever a customer pays for their plans. And its 20% gives a good amount of money every month.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn 10% – 20% Recurring Commission
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $25
  • Payment Duration:- Each Month whenever you reach $25.
  • Join Shopify Affiliate Program.

7:- ConvertKit (Earn 30% Recurring Commission Per User)

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is the Best Email Marketing Tool and is the most important tool for any blogger, Content Creator, Influencer, or any other E-commerce Company that wants a really good conversion rate. 

ConvertKit Gives 30% recurring Commission for 24 months whenever a customer pays for their Email Marketing Plans. ConvertKit charges $29/mo* for 1000 email subscribers. So join it fast and earn some good Affiliate Commission.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn 30% Recurring Commission Per User
  • Cookie Duration:- 60 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- 1 sale
  • Payment Duration:- 30-60 days
  • Join ConvertKit Affiliate Program.

8:- Binance (Earn Up to 50% Lifetime Commission Per Trade)

Binance Affiliate Program

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace where you can buy or sell crypto coins. Blockchain technology is a new trend in the Web 3.0 world. So it is a good chance to promote crypto exchanges where people have some interest to invest in cryptocurrencies.

You can earn up to 50% lifetime commission per trade whenever customers buy or sell any crypto whatever binance earns you get 50% commission on that trade.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn 41% – 50% Lifetime Commission on per trade
  • Cookie Duration:- 90 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- 1 sale
  • Payment Duration:- 1 month
  • Join Binance Affiliate Program.

9:- Nord VPN (Earn 40% on Every New Sign-up)

NordVPN Affiliate Program

Nord VPN is the most popular VPN software in the world. Millions of people use VPN for their online privacy and security. It is a really good affiliate program where you can earn 40% on each new sign-up and 30% on renewal as well.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn 40% on Every new sign up
  • Cookie Duration:- 30 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- $50
  • Payment Duration:- Once per month
  • Join Nord VPN Affiliate Program.

10:- Udemy (Earn 15% Per sell)

Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is the leading marketplace of buy and selling online courses. Many beginners and professional people buy online courses from udemy and many sell their courses on Udemy, so this is a really good affiliate program where you can 15% on each sale.

  • Commission Rate:- Earn 15% on Each sell
  • Cookie Duration:- 7 Days
  • Minimum Payment Threshold:- 2 sales and $50
  • Payment Duration:- When you reach the minimum threshold
  • Join Udemy Affiliate Program.

So these are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for beginners which gives the highest affiliate Commission Rate:

Affiliate Programs

Commission Rate

Cookie Duration

Amazon AssociatesCommission Rate Up to 20%24 Hours
BluehostCommission Rate From $65 to $12590 Days
FiverrCommission Rate From $15 to $15030 Days
SemrushEarn $200 For Every New Subscription30 Days
WixEarn $100 per Premium user30 Days
Shopify10% – 20% Recurring Commission Per User30 Days
ConvertKitEarn 30% Recurring Commission Per user60 Days
BinanceEarn Up to 50% Lifetime Commission Per Trade90 Days
Nord VPNEarn 40% on Every New Sign up30 Days
UdemyEarn 15% on Per sell7 Days


Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below, and also if you have any queries or suggestions just Feel free to contact us.

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