Accuweb Hosting Review (2021) – A Complete Web Hosting Overview

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Is AccuWeb Hosting Worth it for You?

Looking for the Accuweb hosting review then read this full article for a better understanding of the Accuweb overview. First, if you want to know which is the best web hosting available in the market.

  • ✓A+ 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
  • Uptime 99.98%
  • Price starts at $2.99/mo*.
  • 24/7/365 Customer support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free Domain & SSL certificate
  • Free Website Migration
  • Get 35% Discount

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In a Hurry? Let’s jump right in:

Accuweb Hosting Review:

Accuweb Hosting is one of the most secure and reliable web hosting available in the market because of its Hosting Plan prices, features and customer support which is available 24/7/365 support for its customers.

It has the most affordable WordPress hosting Plans with FREE SSL, FREE Website Migration, Free Backup services for VPS hosting customers, 30 Day money-back Guarantee and many more other features.

Our Ratings:A+ 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Support:24/7/365 live Chat Support and Email Support etc.
Best Features:Lightspeed Cache, Free SSL, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, Free Website Migration etc.
Hosting Plans:Shared, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Hosting
Pricing:Starting at $2.99/mo*

Accuweb hosting review

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These are some points which we tested to check Accuweb hosting:-

Speed:- Speed is one of the most important parts of any website, and mostly speed depends on the servers of the hosting provider company, So we also check the speed of the AccuWeb hosting. 

Customer Support:- Customer support also reflects how was the company service and how much friendly the customer support team from their customers.

Features:- Plans & their features are a very important part of any hosting providing company and in which plan what features they provided and it’s suitable for your need or not.

Plan Pricing:- Plan pricing is also very crucial for any hosting providing company because the customer chooses only those plans, in which the cost of the plan is affordable and in which they get the maximum discount and Feature.

About Accuweb Hosting:

About Accuweb hosting

AccWeb Hosting was Founded by Rahul Vaghasia in 2003 and it’s headquarters located in Old Tappan, New Jersey. Today the company have more than 200+ employees and currently, it already hosts thousands of websites.

These are not only the numbers but it actually shows the rapid growth of the company which provided the most Affordable and Reliable web hosting solutions to customers across the world.

Here are some Pros and Cons of AccuWeb Hosting:

Every Hosting company which is available in the market have pros and cons, every company has its advantages and disadvantages as well, so here are the pros and cons of Accuweb Hosting:-

Accuweb Hosting Pros & Cons


1:- 24/7/365 Customer Chat Support:- Accuweb hosting has very user-friendly customer support available among all the hosting providing companies.

You can also send the email related to any of your queries and they will solve your query or problem as soon as possible. Also, Many Video tutorials are available for Basic help.

2:- Free Domain & SSL Certificate:- Accuweb hosting provides their new customer with a free Lifetime SSL certificate, where many hosting providing companies highly charge for it.

But Free Domain is available for some limited Plans.

3:- User-Friendly Control Panel:- Accuweb hosting has a very user-friendly control panel where you manage all your website files and domain, it is very easy to use for a beginner if they don’t know much about the Control panel.

In the control panel, there are lots of tools that helps you to optimize your site.

4:- Free Website Migration:- Accuweb hosting provides free website migration if you don’t know how to transfer a WordPress website from one hosting to another.

If you contact them to transfer your website, then their expert team transfer any one of your website for free. 

5:- 30 days Money-Back Guarantee:- Accuweb Hosting has a 100% money-back guarantee under 30 days if you don’t like their hosting service, so this is really a good thing about Accuweb hosting that they will refund your money if you don’t like their service.

But, in VPS and Cloud hosting there are only 7 days Money-Back Guarantee.

6:- Automatic Backups:- Accuweb Hosting provides free Daily and Weekly backups on various hosting Plans which helps to take automatic daily or weekly backups for your website.


1:- Average Website Builder:- Accuweb Hosting provides an RVS site builder to create a website but there are not such good templates available in RVS site builder. Only Average templates are available in this Site Builder.

So, here are the Accuweb Hosting Review Points Description:-

1:- Speed:-

We tested the speed of a website that is hosted on Accuweb hosting servers and we get some good results if you talk about the speed of the website. Here is a screenshot of the speed test.

Accuweb Hosting Customer Support

So, this is the Speed test of Accuweb hosting and the results are awesome, so if you are talking about how was the speed of Accuweb hosting then I’ll say A+ 99.98% Performance.

2:- Customer Support:-

Now, we can talk about the customer support of Accuweb hosting, It provides 24/7/365 customer support and they solve your problem or any query as soon as possible and provide the best customer service so their customer don’t face any kind of problem.

They are very quick to respond to your query and their support team behaviour is also very good with their customers, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of problem, they will solve it out.

You can also chat with them and also they solve your query through E-mail. Also, they provide many Video tutorials for helping beginners to solve their problem.

Accuweb Hosting Customer Support Email:- [email protected]

Accuweb hosting customer support

3:- Features:-

Accuweb Hosting provides very affordable Web Hosting Plans for beginners also provides Free SSL certificate and Free Website Migration.

Accuweb hosting provides really amazing features in its Enterprise Web Hosting Plan:

  • ✔️Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account
  • ✔️50 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup
  • ✔️1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • ✔️1000 Email Accounts
  • ✔️Free SSL
  • ✔️Control Panel
  • ✔️LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin
  • ✔️Free Website Migration
  • ✔️Dedicated IP (Included)
  • ✔️Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • ✔️PHP Support
  • ✔️HTTP/2 Support
  • ✔️Perl Support
  • ✔️Free Domain Name Registration
  • ✔️Free Website Builder – 400+ templates
  • ✔️Anti-Spam Cloud Service (Optional)
  • ✔️Instant Account Activation
  • ✔️30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • ✔️Works On Any Platform

Accuweb Hosting provides Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting and domains etc.

If you are a beginner then go for shared hosting which is suitable for beginners.

But Here look at Prices of Accuweb Different Web Hosting Plans:

  • Shared Web Hosting:-

Shared Web Hosting is the most recommended web hosting for beginners. Accuweb hosting provides 3 shared web hosting plans, it has Personal hosting plan, Small Hosting plan, Enterprise plan and these plans available at different prices. Also, it provides Windows and Application Web hosting.

Pricing starts at $3.09/mo*

Accuweb Shared Hosting

  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting:-

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting is also a very popular WordPress hosting if you want a really very fast WordPress Website.

Accuweb Hosting provides 4 managed WordPress hosting plans, it has a WordPress Personal plan, WordPress Small Business plan, WordPress Enterprise plan, WordPress Scale Plan and these plans available at different prices.

Pricing starts at $2.99/mo*

Accuweb Managed WordPress Hosting

  • VPS Hosting:-

Accuweb VPS Hosting is generally between Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting, VPS hosting provides virtual private servers to host your website.

It provides 4 different Kinds of VPS hosting:

  1. Windows VPS Hosting
  2. Linux VPS Hosting
  3. Forex Trading VPS
  4. Load Balancer

Windows VPS Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides Windows VPS hosting on 4 different Servers. It has Windows VPS, Windows VPS SSD, Windows VPS Cloud, Windows VPS Reseller and also it provides a Free 1 month Trail of VPS Hosting. Pricing starts at $7.99/mo*.

Linux VPS Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides Linux VPS hosting on 3 different Servers. It has Linux VPS Hosting, Linux VPS SSD, Linux VPS Cloud. Pricing starts at $5.00/mo*.

Forex Trading VPS:- Accuweb Hosting Provides 3 Different Plans on Forex Trading VPS, It has Forex VPS 1, Forex VPS 2, Forex VPS 3. Pricing starts at $5.00/mo*.

Load Balancer:- Load Balancer VPS Hosting Starts at $30/mo*.

Accuweb VPS Hosting

  • Reseller Hosting:-

Accuweb Reseller hosting is really a good option if you want to purchase reseller hosting. 

It provides 2 different Kinds of Reseller hosting:

  1. Windows Reseller Hosting
  2. Linux Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides 3 Different Plans on Windows Reseller hosting, It has Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan. Pricing starts at $26.99/mo*.

Linux Reseller Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides 4 Different Plans on Linux Reseller hosting, It has Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan. Pricing starts at $8.99/mo*.

Accuweb Reseller Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting:-

AccuWeb Cloud Hosting is generally for PRO level experts for heavy load Website, it is basically for if you require the ultimate in performance, security, and control. It is Suitable for Business Websites.

It provides 2 different Kinds of Reseller hosting:

  1. Cloud Hosting
  2. Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides 2 Different Servers on Cloud hosting, It has Windows Cloud Hosting, Linux Cloud Hosting. Pricing starts at $4.79/mo*.

Cloud VPS Hosting:- Accuweb Hosting Provides 2 Different Servers on Cloud VPS hosting, It has Windows VPS Cloud Hosting, Linux VPS Cloud Hosting. Pricing starts at $9.99/mo*.

Accuweb Cloud Hosting

  • Dedicated Server:- 

Accuweb Hosting provides a Fully Dedicated Server for Just $80/mo*. It has 12 Different Server Locations to provide superfast Performance of Dedicated Server.

Accuweb Dedicated Hosting

  • Domain Pricing:

If you Buy Premium Plans of Accuweb Hosting then it will give you Free Domain in various Hosting Plans but if you want to Purchase only Domain, then you have to pay for it, here are the Accuweb Hosting Domain Prices:-

Accuweb Domain Pricing

4:- Plan Pricing:-

Accuweb Hosting provides 3 different plans for Linux SSD web hosting according to the website need, it has a Personal web hosting plan, a Small web hosting plan, Enterprise web hosting and this plan available at different prices.

Here is a lookup of these plan pricing.

Accuweb Linux SSD Hosting plans

1:-Personal Web Hosting Plan:- $3.09/mo*

(Most Popular)

Accuweb Hosting provides its first Linux SSD hosting plan starting with $3.09/mo* which is ideal for beginners.

It supports an Unlimited website and 150 email account but you did not get any free domain if you purchase this plan.

Accuweb Hosting gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website in this plan. $19.51 when you renew semi-annually.

2:-Small Business Web Hosting Plan:- $5.09/mo*

(Best Value)

Accuweb Hosting provides its second Linux SSD hosting plan starting with $5.09/mo* which is a perfect package for personal websites.

It supports an Unlimited website and 500 email account and also you get a free domain if you purchase this plan.

Accuweb Hosting gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website in this plan. $16.96 when you renew quarterly.

3:-Enterprise Web Hosting Plan:- $9.99/mo*

(Hot Value)

Accuweb Hosting provides its third Linux SSD hosting plan starting with $9.99/mo*  which is a perfect package for small and medium business websites.

It supports an Unlimited website and 1000 email account and also you get a free domain if you purchase this plan.

Accuweb Hosting gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website in this plan. $39.06 when you renew quarterly.

See all Features of every plan here>>>

If you make a Heavy website for your business then go for cloud hosting.

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35% OFF

With this deal, you"ll get 35% Discount on any hosting packages from Accuweb Hosting.

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Here are the steps to use Coupon Code for Accuweb hosting:-

Step 1:- Click on Coupon code:-

Click on Coupon code

Just go on the coupon code to claim the coupon and get an instant 35% OFF on any plan on Accuweb hosting.

Step 2:- Select a Web Hosting:-

After claim on the coupon, you will be redirected to Accuweb hosting and the coupon of 35% automatically activated when you claim. Now, you just need to Select your Web Hosting Plan.

  1. Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting

Select a Web Hosting

Step 3:- Select the plan which you want to Purchase:-

After Select your Web Hosting, now you have to choose the web hosting plans which you want to purchase, there are 3 Linux SSD plans which we already discussed above in this article.

Personal Web Hosting Plan:- $3.09/mo*

Small Business Web Hosting Plan:- $5.09/mo*

Enterprise Web Hosting Plan:- $9.99/mo*

Select the plan which you want to Purchase

Step 4:- Choose a Domain:-

After selecting the hosting plan, now you have to choose a domain that is free for 1 year in Small and Enterprise Plan and also if you already have an existing domain then you also use that.

Choose a Domain

Step 5:- Choose Billing Cycle:-

After Choose your FREE Domain, now you have to choose the Billing Cycle of your web hosting plan.

Acccuweb Hosting provides a 5 Billing period where you get FREE Domain only on Annually, Biennially, Triennially billing period. 

Choose Billing Cycle

Step 6:- Click on Continue:-

After Select your Billing period, now you have to select many addons with hosting plans like spam Experts, CDN and many more add-ons if you want to purchase them. Now, you have to Click on Continue.

Click on Continue

Step 7:- Review & Checkout:-

After selecting all the Items now you have to review your cart and then Checkout.

Review & Checkout

Step 8:- Fill All details and Create an Account:-

After clicking on Checkout, you have to fill all your personal details to create an account on Accuweb Hosting. Login details, Personal details and many more.

Fill All details and Create an Account

Step 9:- Complete your Order:-

After Creating an Account or Fill all the details, now you need to complete your order. Accuweb Hosting provides 2 payment methods one is Paypal and another one is from your Credit Card.

Complete your Order

Step 10:- Receive a Confirmation Email:-

You get a confirmation email on your email ID from Accuweb Hosting after completing your payment and creating an account.

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Conclusion of Accuweb Hosting Review:-

So, you already read the full review of Accuweb hosting, and now you clear all your doubts about the Accuweb Hosting Plans and Features.

Accuweb is the most reliable web hosting company in the world and also I suggest to all my visitors go for Accuweb if you want an affordable price Linux web hosting, so it’s all your choice you want to go for it or not.

Accuweb Hosting FAQs

The Clear Answer is Accuweb Hosting. Because Accuweb is the Most Reliable Web Hosting Provider. Definitely, Accuweb Hosting is better than GoDaddy.
Yes, Accuweb provides FREE SSL and FREE Domain in many web hosting Plans.
Yes, Accuweb provides FREE Website Migration for 1 Website if you want to change your web Hosting from another host to Accuweb Hosting.
Accuweb Managed WordPress Hosting Plans starting at $2.99/mo* and You will get an Extra Discount if you go from our Discount Link.
Accuweb Hosting Servers are deployed in 7 different regions: US, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore, Mumbai and Amsterdam.

Accuweb Hosting Coupon Code:- 

35% OFF

With this deal, you"ll get 35% Discount on any hosting packages from Accuweb Hosting.

More Less

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So, this is the Accuweb Hosting review. And, also if you are a beginner and don’t know how to purchase Accuweb hosting, then we also covered this topic in the article.

Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below and also if you have any query or suggestion just Feel free to contact us.

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