Semrush vs Similarweb 2023: Which is the Best SEO Tool?

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Looking for Semrush vs Similarweb detailed Comparison and if you want to know which is the Best SEO Tool. Then just read this article for an accurate comparison between both SEO Tools.

Both SEO Tools are the most famous SEO tools available in the market. If you want to know which is the best one without reading the full article.

Semrush is Better than Similarweb among these two SEO Tools because Semrush provides more SEO advanced features than Similarweb. And, Semrush gives you various tools to analyze data and grow in every sector of digital marketing (More than 50+ Tools).


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In a Hurry? Let’s jump right in:

Basic Comparison Between Semrush vs Similarweb:

Best SEO ToolSemrushSimilarweb
Our Ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
Local SEO✔️
Technical SEO✔️
Free Trial✔️✔️
Data Accuracy57%43%
Keyword Database20Bunknown
Plans Per monthFree
Pro ($319 .95)
Guru ($429 .95)
Business ($649 .95)
Professional (Custom)
Enterprise (Custom)
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Why we need to Analyze Data in Every Sector of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing SectorsHere I tell you some key aspects of growing a brand through Digital Marketing. To achieve success in Online marketing you need to analyze the data of every sector in digital marketing you can not depend on only one method to grow your content. 

Some people think only SEO is the key to growing the content, but that’s not true. Yes, SEO is still the best way to attract visitors but today competition is very high, so you need more marketing channels to promote your content, so you can’t depend only on 1 source of traffic.

Today many other methods are also available to promote your content through Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and many more. And these methods are really working in 2021 because the conversion rate of these marketing channels is really good.

So, we need a tool that provides all these marketing channels data which helps us to analyze how we create our content and then how to promote our content through various marketing methods which are available in the market.

Marketing Sectors of Semrush vs Similarweb:

Now, I’ll tell you the basic marketing sectors which they provide (Semrush or Similarweb) to analyze data from one platform to grow website traffic and promote your Content.


Semrush provides 5 Different channels in digital marketing which help you to analyze data and help you to grow your content. And in these 5 Marketing channels, semrush provides more than 50+ Tools to analyze data for your content.

Semrush provides SEO, Content Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing channels to analyze data from one platform.

1:- SEO:

The First Important sector for any Digital Marketing Tool is SEO because it is the best method to grow your content in an organic way. Semrush provides Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Link building, and Competitor SEO Analysis. 

Semrush SEO Tool

2:- Content:

The second most important sector of Digital Marketing is your Content. So, Semrush provides a Content marketing tool to develop a content strategy with given data, and also it provides more tools like Content creation & Distribution, Content Optimization, and Content Marketing Analytics.

Semrush Content Marketing Tool

3:- Market Research:

Market Research is very important because competition is very high, so you need to do market research and your competitor analysis and monitor their strategies. Semrush provides competitor analysis, market analysis, paid advertising analysis, and competitor PR monitoring. 

Semrush Market Research Tool

4:- Advertising:

Advertising is also very important to promote a brand and many case studies say the advertising conversion rate is really high. You need to spend only $1 or $2 in ads to achieve $50 in revenue in return, so the conversion rate is really high.

Semrush provides these tools in advertising such as PPC keyword research and website monetization.

Semrush Advertising Tool

5:- Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the cheapest way to promote your brand or content when compared to Google Adwords. So nowadays everyone promotes their content on social media. Semrush provides two different tools in SMM is social media posters and social media ads.

Semrush Social media marketing Tool

So, these are the Basic Features or tools of semrush which help you to grow your content.

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Similarweb provides 5 different marketing Industries Data to grow in Online marketing. It provides Digital Research, Digital marketing, Shopper, Investor, and Sales.

Similarweb Marketing Channels

1:- Digital Research:

In digital research, you can search for your audience metrics and analyze the industry and Trends. In digital Research similar web provides benchmarking, market research, company research, audience research, and consumer journey. 

Similarweb Digital Research

2:- Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the main industry for all marketers who want to build a brand online. In Digital marketing it provides competitive analysis, keyword research, referral research, and Ad creative research.

Similarweb Digital marketing

3:- Shopper:

It will help you if you have an e-commerce business or listed product on amazon. It will help you to provide amazon customer behavior data which help you optimize your search strategy on Amazon. It provides uncovers consumer demand, understands the customer journey, and optimizes your amazon search strategy. 

Similarweb Shopper Tool

4:- Investor:

In the investor marketing industry similar, web helps you to discover new investment ideas through online signals and by tracking the performance of companies in real-time. It provides 4 different tools to help (Investment ideation, Investment Monitoring, Forecasting, and Due diligence. 

Similarweb Investor Tool

5:- Sales:

In the sales sector, a similar web helps you to increase sales opportunities and help you to connect with more companies which helps in lead generation. It Provides 4 different tools known Lead Generation, Lead enrichment, sales engagement, and fraud detection. 

Similarweb Sales Tools

So, these are the Basic Features or tools of Similarweb which help you to grow your content.

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Which SEO Tool Provides More Marketing Tools to Analyze Data:

Now, I’ll tell you which SEO Tool (Semrush or Similarweb) provides more marketing channels or tools to analyze data from one platform to grow and promote your Content.

See, the basic difference between Semrush and Similarweb is, semrush focuses on 1 industry which is Digital Marketing and Similarweb focuses on 5 Different Industries, that why similar web is lacking some important tools in the digital marketing sector which are very necessary to grow your content.

Yes, the similar web is covering more industry data than semrush but to grow online you need to be perfect in every sector of digital marketing. And, semrush provides some key tools which are important to growing your content or brand like Local SEO and Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and social media marketing. 

That’s why I recommend Semrush over Similarweb because semrush provides more than 50+ Tools in the digital marketing sector to grow your content and it helps you to make strategies in every marketing method of digital marketing.

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Semrush vs Similarweb: Data Accuracy

Now, I tell you which SEO Tool provides better data accuracy between semrush vs similarweb. Because this is the most important criterion for any tool, how much accurate data they provide their users.

Accurate Data = Better Results.

If any data is not accurate in any marketing channel of digital marketing, then anyone can make bad strategies for online marketing because of wrong data. So, Data accuracy is a very important aspect of any SEO tool in the market.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Data Accuracy

Data Source:

S0, owox did a data accuracy comparison between Semrush and Similarweb, and they test the data in three different traffic levels. The Sample Data is presented by 787 websites of 10 different Industries.

  • 100k – 500k: (Semrush: 53% & Similarweb 47%)
  • 500k – 1M: (Semrush: 48% & Similarweb 52%)
  • 1M+ (Semrush: 57% & Similarweb 43%)

And they found that Semrush provides more accurate data than similarweb in the 100k – 500k range and 1M+ traffic range. And similarweb shows slightly more accurate data in the 500k – 1M traffic range.

Advanced Features of Semrush vs Similarweb:

Now, we discuss the advanced features of both SEO Tools (Semrush vs Similarweb) now, and we will see which SEO tool provides a wide range of data.

1:- Geographic data:

Semrush Provides more geographic coverage than similarweb. Semrush provides 190 countries’ traffic databases and similarweb provides only 90 countries’ traffic databases at additional cost. 

So semrush is a clear winner in this aspect of a wide range of geographical coverage. 

2:- Mobile Data:

Mobile users are likely more than desktop users so it is important for SEO tools to provide mobile data. But you need to pay extra to get all the mobile data in similarweb.

But semrush is providing both desktop and mobile data in its existing plans. No need to pay extra or buy separately to get mobile data in semrush.

3:- Social Media Data:

This is the most basic database where similarweb is lacking. Social media is very important nowadays for promoting your content because SEO competition is really very high. 

And, semrush provides all the social media data in available networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and so you need social media tracking feature.

That’s why semrush is far better than similarweb. Because Semrush provides some key features to their users.

4:- Historical Data:

Semrush provides all the historical data Insights since April 2016. It is accessible on any Smerush Package subscription.

But in similarweb you only get up to 3 years of historical data at additional cost. You get only the last 12 months of historical data in a basic pack of similarweb.

5:- Detailed Traffic Sources Insights:

Now I tell you which SEO tool (semrush or similarweb) provides more detailed traffic sources insights which help to do better competitor analysis.


Semrush Detailed Traffic Sources Insights

Semrush provides data for traffic sources: (Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Search Traffic, Social Traffic, and Paid Traffic).


Similarweb Traffic Sources Insights

Similarweb provides 1 Extra data for traffic sources than Semrush: (Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Search Traffic, Social Traffic, Display Traffic, and Mail Traffic).

Mail Data is a really good feature if you do Email Marketing, but similarweb provides only desktop data you need to purchase separately to get mobile data also).

6:- Top Pages Insights:

Now I tell you which SEO tool (semrush or similarweb) provides more Top pages or popular page insights which help to do better competitor analysis of their product or content, in which product visitors actually interested.


Semrush Top pages Insights


Similarweb also provides the top pages or the most popular pages within the website but unfortunately it is also accessible when you pay some extra money.

7:- Audience Insights:

Audience Insights are very necessary to know your exact targeted customers. It really helps to target some specific audience that is really interested in that particular product. You also analyze your competitor audiences like their:

  • Age & Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Social Media Preferences

Semrush Audience Insights


Similarweb also provides audience Insights but another disappointment is that you have to pay additional costs to use that feature. Similarweb loses another point here.

8:- Pricing:

Now, we talk about the pricing of both SEO Tools. 

Semrush provides 4 plans free, Pro, Guru, and Business. But if you want to use semrush advanced features that we already included above in this comparison, then you have to purchase Semrush .TRENDS plans.

If you already purchase semrush existing plan then you just need to pay only $200 extra to get PRO+.Trends plan. You can access all 50+ Tools in .Trends plans.

3 Different .TRENDS Packages:

  • Pro + .Trends:- $319 .95/mo* 
  • Guru + .Trends:- $429 .95/mo*
  • Business + .Trends:- $649 .95/mo*

Semrush .Trends Pricing

Try Semrush For free + .Trends Trail

But Similarweb Plans is not Transparent like Semrush Plans. Yes, Similarweb did not provide any transparency regarding their pricing you need to talk with their sales team before purchasing any plan from similarweb.

And to access many features in similarweb you have to pay some extra cost and to get mobile data you also need to buy it separately. 

Final Thoughts on Semrush vs Similarweb:

Let’s conclude this detailed comparison between Semrush vs Similarweb.

So, you already read this detailed comparison and you know what features and tools they are providing to their users. So my recommendation is Semrush over Similarweb because semrush tools are far better than similarweb tools.

Our Ratings:

Here are my 5 Reasons Why I Choose Semrush over Similarweb:

  • Semrush provides more Tools than Similarweb. (Semrush provides 50+ Tools)
  • Semrush is more Transparent than Similarweb. (Semrush Pricing is Transparent)
  • Semrush Provides More Accurate Data than Similarweb. (Semrush 57% & Similarweb 43%)
  • Semrush gives all the features in its existing plans, no need to pay extra but in similarweb you need to pay extra to access many features.
  • Semrush has more Databases than Similarweb. (Semrush has a 20B keyword Database)

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The Best SEO Tool to Grow Organic Traffic is Semrush. You also access.Trends Features in your Free Trial. Here’s an exclusive link to get 7 Day Free Trial of Semrush.

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So, thanks for reading this Detailed comparison between Semrush vs Similarweb.

Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below, and also if you have any queries or suggestions just Feel free to contact us.


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