DreamHost Coupon Code: Get 60% Instant OFF (Limited Offer)

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Here is DreamHost Coupon Code but first read about DreamHost web Hosting.

DreamHost Founded by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil in 1996, and its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, United States. Today the company has more than 200+ employees and currently hosts 350k+ websites.

These are not only the numbers but it actually shows the rapid growth of the company among web Hosting providing companies in the world. Read DreamHost Review here.

DreamHost Coupon Code:- Get 60% OFF

60% OFF

Grab this special intro offer and receive 60% OFF on DreamHost Hosting. Offer applies for the first term only.

More Less

Here are the steps to use DreamHost Coupon Code:

Step 1:- Click on the Coupon code:

Just go on the coupon code to claim the coupon and get an instant 60% OFF on any plan on Dreamhost hosting.

Step 2:- Select a Web Hosting:

After claim on the coupon, you will be redirected to Dreamhost hosting and the coupon of 60% is automatically be activated when you claim. Now, you just need to Select your Web Hosting.

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting

DreamHost Web Hosting

Step 3:- Select the plan which you want to Purchase:

After Selecting your Web Hosting, now you have to choose the web hosting plans which you want to purchase. I recommend you go for Shared Web Hosting Plan.

Dreamhost Shared web hosting Plans

Step 4:- Choose a FREE Domain:

After selecting the hosting plan, now you have to choose a domain that is free for 1 year in both Shared web Hosting Plans, and also if you already have an existing domain then you also use that.

Choose a FREE Domain

Step 5:- Choose Payment Method:

Dreamhost provides 2 types of payment methods.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Paypal

Choose Payment Method

Step 6:- Setup your Account:

After choosing the payment method, you have to fill in all the details to create an account on Dreamhost Hosting. Login details, Personal details, and many more.

Dreamhost Account Setup

Step 7:- Beware of Add-ons:

Many hosting companies provide various additional features or Add-ons, it’s your choice to purchase or not because it only increases your cart value.

Dreamhost Add-ons

Step 8:- Submit your Order:

After Creating an Account or Fill all the details, now you need to submit your order.

Submit your Order

Step 9:- Receive a Confirmation Email:

You get a confirmation email on your email ID from Dreamhost Hosting after completing your payment and creating an account.


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So, this is the DreamHost Coupon Code. And, also if you are a beginner and if you don’t know how to use DreamHost Coupon we also covered this topic in this article.

DreamHost Coupon Code

  • ✓ A+ 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
  • Uptime 99.96%
  • Price starts at $2.59/mo*
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 97 days money-back guarantee
  • Free Domain & SSL certificate
  • ✓ Get a 60% Discount

Visit DreamHost.com

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