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Sparsh Garg (Digital Marketer)

Hey Guys, My name is Sparsh Garg from New Delhi, India.  I’m a Professional Blogger & Digital Marketer. And I started this Blog to teach new people about WordPress, Digital Marketing, Online Money Making through Blogging. I have more than 3+ Years of experience in Blogging.

Yes, I’m Still a Student but Blogging is my passion and also a good source of income. When I passed my high school I wanted to earn some money online and every day I open google and search a lot of queries regarding “How to earn money online” or “How much money a digital marketer earn per month” and Many more queries related to Online money.

Then, I started with Amazon Affiliate Website and I earn some good money and From there I knew how much scope and opportunities in Affiliate Marketing and then I get an idea to start TheWpteach.com to teach new people about Blogging and earn some good Affiliate income in return. Read my Blogs which help help you start your own online business.

I already write some Web Hosting Reviews you can out here if you also want to start your first WordPress website.

So, this is my story about how I started this website and what is my purpose to start this Blog site. Hope, if you read this you get some motivation about Blogging. Just read our site blogs to get good knowledge about WordPress & Affiliate Marketing.

I also help other businesses to grow online and increase their conversions. We also provide services like Web Designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO & PPC services, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

I also provide Blog Audit Service. If you have some query or suggestion Please Contact us.

My Email is:- [email protected]

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