Blog Audit Service (in Just $49)

Did you want to Increase your website traffic and Increase your Revenue?

I will review & Audit your blog and share my personal tips and tricks with you on how to Grow your Blog. Scroll Down to know what includes in our blog audit report.

Our Blog Audit Report includes:

Overall Blog Audit

We will be review your overall blog with the help of Best SEO Tools (Semrush & Ahrefs) and check the Site Health of your blog. (Backlinks Report, Keyword Report, DA, PA).

On-Page SEO Audit

We Will Audit your On-Page SEO, it includes (Site Structure, Internal Linking, Page Titles, H1 & H2, Meta Description & keywords, AMP Check, URL analysis).

Niche Keywords Ideas

We will Research your niche best profitable keywords with High Volume and Low Difficulty. You just need to publish articles on those keywords and your site will rank on google and will get some good traffic.

Share Tips & Tricks

We also share with you which is the best way to write an article where you need to include your main target keyword. Best Monetization Programs for your blogs and we”ll also share what are the best practices you need to do on your website in regular basis for your blog growth.

Technical SEO Audit

We Will also do technical SEO Audit of your blog. It includes (crawl errors, broken links, Https, Robot.txt file, Website Speed, Optimizing Images, XML Sitemap, schema Markup).

Off-Page SEO strategy

First we will analyze your Backlink Report then we will also check your competitors backlink profile then we will share how you to build backlinks with most trusted websites on your niche with best backlink creation strategies.

About Sparsh Garg

My name is Sparsh Garg. I’m an SEO & SEM Expert. I Publish blogs related to SEO, WordPress & Blogging. I also help other businesses to grow online and increase their conversions. I will do this Audit of your Blog.

We also provide services like Web Designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO & PPC services, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. Connect with me on LinkedIn

FAQs (Blog Audit report)

1:- Who does this Audit?

My name is Sparsh Garg. I’m an SEO & SEM Expert. I Publish blogs related to SEO, WordPress & Blogging. I also help other businesses to grow online and increase their conversions. And I”ll do this Audit for just $49. Know More About me.

2:- What are the things you provide after this Audit is completed?

I Provide a full PDF Report which includes an Overall Blog Audit Report, On-page SEO Audit, Niche Keywords Ideas, Technical SEO Audit, Off-Page SEO Strategy, Best Monetization Programs for your blogs, and I”ll share all the tips and tricks on how to grow your blog.

3:- Is this Audit cover multiple Sites?

No, it only includes 1 site, if you want to Audit more than 1 blog then you have to pay extra for that.

4:- What is the Price of this Audit?

The Price of this Audit is $49 for 1 website. (Fixed Price)

5:- Is there Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, I”ll give a 100% money-back Guarantee if you don’t satisfy with our Audit Report. But our work is only to Audit your blog and tell you where you need to improve, in the end, you have to work on your website.

6:- Do you also offer an after-review service?

No, We don’t Provide any after-review service but I’ll definitely send 1 SEO Report in the next 3 months (Semrush or Ahrefs SEO Report). And, yes we”ll solve any doubt regarding our Audit Report. 

7:- What would be the turn-around time?

I’ll send your Blog Audit Report in (Min 2 days or max 3 days). 

8:- Did you make any changes to our Blog?

No, I did not make any changes to your blog, I just Send you a Blog Audit Report PDF which guides you on where you need to Improve in your blog. You have to done all changes by yourself.

9:- How to Pay for this Audit Report?

After we both agree on this Audit, first you have to pay $49 then I”ll start Auditing your Blog and you just need to pay through these 2 methods:

1:- Paypal (Outside India)

2:- Paypal or G-Pay (India)

10:- How to contact you for the Audit Report?

You just need to fill this Form. (Scroll Down). And I’ll contact you within 24 hours through Email.

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