3 Tools To Detect And Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

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Whether you have been working as a content writer or a student, the biggest problem that you have to face is plagiarism. It has become common to get duplicated lines in our writings because of excessive data available on the internet.

Many people think that plagiarism is 100% duplication of other authors’ writings without giving them credit. No doubt, many bloggers and authors define plagiarism in such words but you have to know in-depth to understand this term.

Plagiarism is not only the intentional copying and pasting of other authors. But it might be possible that you are getting accidental duplications in your work. For instance, it might be possible that someone has thought like you in the past while writing a blog on the same topic.

Along with this, you may have got some points or words in your mind while researching data for your work. In all such conditions, you may write copied lines or facts accidentally and don’t give credit to the original author.

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In all such conditions, you will be found guilty of plagiarism. In this blog, we are going to show you some harmful threats that you have to face while plagiarizing your work as well as show you tools by using which you will be able to avoid it.

The only thing that you have to do is to be focused while reading this blog and take notes on how to use the following tools for your concerns. Let’s get started and get an in-depth overview of the topic.

Why It Is Important To Remove Plagiarism From your Writings?

First of all, it is important to know why you need to remove plagiarism from your writing. If you are working as a content writer, it is important to do because of Google penalties.

Yes, search engine hates duplicate content and will never let you rank in the top position. It will keep your website pushing back as a result of its penalties.

Along with this, if the original author has taken DMCA, your website or web page will be removed from the internet. Similarly, if you are talking about your assignment as a student, it is important to remove plagiarism to save your subject.

There is not a single professor who supports duplication or plagiarism. When you are submitting a copied assignment, you should need to face the consequences in the form of failure.

It is absolute that you will get an F grade in that subject or will be expelled from the class. In turn, you have to bear the harmful impacts of plagiarism on your career.

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Due to all such reasons, you should have to find plagiarism in your content and remove it at any cost. We recommend you do this before moving further in your field because it will save you from various issues.

Here are the 3 Best Plagiarism Detection Tools:

Have you ever thought what if you need to compare your work with internet pages manually? Can you do this? It is impossible because there are billions of articles available online and you or your team can’t compare your work with every page.

This is where you will find plagiarism-checking tools the best choice for you. Here we are going to show you the best tools to check for plagiarism as well as remove it without investing much time.

1. Prepostseo

When it comes to finding an accurate plagiarism checker, you can’t ignore this tool. It is because of the valid results and simple interface. This plagiarism checker has a simple working method that can be understood even by a layman.

First of all, you need to insert the text inside the given box or use the direct upload buttons. Yes, this tool enables you to upload a file from your device or cloud-based storage. It will make the text insertion process simple and fast for everyone.

Secondly, you need to use its filters to get an exact plagiarism report in a single turn. In this tool, you can exclude quotes if you want to do so because quotes are not considered plagiarized in the search engine guidelines.


When you have done this, you only need to tap on the Check plagiarism button. In turn, the tool will compare your text with billions of web pages published on the internet. It will not leave even a single page because it uses the entire search engine as its database.

Just below the text box, you will be shown the plagiarism report with all the copied lines. By clicking on the line, you will be able to check the source link as well as open it to compare your content.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is propostseo-tool-1024x419.png

You can use this plagiarism to get a report of text written in more than 7 languages. It is the best feature that anyone can use this tool around the globe.

The only issue with this tool is that you have to split your content into 1000 words sections if you want to use it for free. By upgrading your membership, you can check up to 30000 words in a single turn with this tool.

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2. Plagiarism Remover

When you have got a plagiarism report, you should need to remove it from the content to make it ready to publish. No doubt, you can do this by reading the entire blog and removing those lines by replacing new lines carefully.

But it will take a lot of time because you have to understand first and then think about synonyms to write properly. By using a plagiarism remover, you can do this task within a few seconds.

This tool will enable you to remove plagiarism by following a few simple steps. Firstly, you have to copy & paste your content or upload the file from your device by choosing the option.

Secondly, you have to choose the mode by checking into the circle given in front of the name. Thirdly, you have to choose the language in which your content has been written.

Plagiarism Remover

Lastly, you have to make sure that you have inserted text properly and tap on the Remove plagiarism button. The tool will take a few minutes to show you text with 100% uniqueness just below the text insertion box.

You have to wait for a few minutes because it will use the NLP algorithm to understand the text and then rewrite it properly. In turn, you will get files free from plagiarism and ready to publish on the internet.

Along with this, you can click on the Check Plagiarism button to make sure that your content is 100% unique. When you have made sure, you can save the file document format or copy the text to paste anywhere you want to do it.

Because of its multi-mode working, this tool has been used by students as well as bloggers or writers. You should use this tool if you are struggling to draft unique content after finding plagiarism.

3. Paraphraser.io

Lastly, we have another tool named paraphraser.io with amazing features. If we say that it is a top-notch tool to remove plagiarism from your content by rewriting the duplicated lines, it is right.

The tool has been designed on an AI-based algorithm that makes the rewriting process efficient. You don’t need to worry whether your text has been rewritten properly or not because of this feature.

Along with this, you can clear your doubts by getting a look at the paraphrased text. It will enable you to compare original and rewritten content side by side on your screen.


So, you will find it simple and easy for you to check whether the tool has done great work or not. By using its different modes, you can rewrite your documents from blogs dimension to academic papers.

The only reason to rank it in the third position is the word count limit. Yes, you will be able to rewrite 500 words in a single turn while using this paraphrasing tool.

In simple words, you have to split your text into patches of 500 or fewer words to use this tool for free. By upgrading to its pro version, you can enhance the word limit to 1000 per turn.

Summarizing Up

By reading the above blog, you must have got an idea about how to detect and remove plagiarism from your content.

It will not take more than a few minutes to deal with the entire process by using the above tools. You only have to be focused and active while doing your work because a minor mistake will ruin your efforts hours.

Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below, and also if you have any queries or suggestions just Feel free to contact us.

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