How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress:- Beginner’s Guide

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Looking for how to create a dropdown menu in WordPress, just read this blog for creating a dropdown menu for your website.

The menu is a navigation option to help your visitors to navigate the most popular categories or topics of your website.

And a dropdown menu is a way more good option rather than a simple menu option, the dropdown menu covers more topics of a particular topic.

Like if there is one option in the menu name called “Blogs” then I add my most popular blogs in the dropdown menu in the blogs option. So, it helps a lot for your visitor to search more about the single category.

There are some good themes that support the dropdown menu Generatepress and Ocean WP.

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How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress:-

Step 1:- Go to WordPress Dashboard.

Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2:- Activate a theme that supports the dropdown menu.

There are many free and premium themes available in the market which supports dropdown menu, almost every theme supports dropdown menu by default but some themes get issue while adding dropdown function.

If you want free themes then read this article “Best Free Blog Themes for WordPress” & “Best Premium Themes for WordPress”.

Step 3:- Go on Appearance > click on a menu option.

Go on appearance and then click on a menu option to create a new menu or edit the existing one.

Click on menu section

Step 4:- Create a New menu for your website navigation.

After clicking on the menu section, this page open and then you click on “create a new menu” if you want a fresh menu section otherwise you can select the existing menu and then edit it into a dropdown menu.

Create a new menu

Step 5:- Select the location of the menu, then click on create a menu.

Then select the location of your menu it would be your main menu or top menu or footer menu, where you want to show your new menu and then click on create a menu as shown in the image.

And, also you can manage the location of your existing menu from here and also delete any menu.

Manage the menu location

Step 6:- Now add Menu items

Now add the menu items which you want to show in your menu with help of left side menu items, first select the item and then click on add to the menu as shown in the image.

Add menu items

After all these steps your website menu looks like this as shown in the image.

Main menu

Step 7:- Now add sub-menu items and make a dropdown menu.

Now, this is the most important part when you adding the sub-menu items and make it a dropdown menu.

First, add the menu item and then just put your sub-menu item under the menu like and then save the menu, as shown in the image.

Add Sub-Menu items

That’s it you successfully add the dropdown menu and it will look like this as shown in this image.

Dropdown Menu

So, this how you can create a dropdown menu, also there are many more methods to make a mega menu, multiple level dropdown menus etc.

Here is an example of how to create a multi-level dropdown menu.

After completing all the 7 steps, now follow this step to create this multi-level dropdown menu.

Step 8:- Add more sub-items under sub-menu items to create a multi-level menu

 Simple after following all the above steps now it is very simple to create a multi-level dropdown menu, just add more items under the sub-menu items and save the menu as shown in the image.

Add multi-level menu items

Now, you successfully add the multi-level dropdown menu here is a preview of that multi-level dropdown menu.

Multi-level Dropdown menu

Here you can read:-  How to create a mega menu for WordPress Website

So, here is the guide for creating a dropdown menu. And, also if you are a beginner and don’t know how to add a menu we also covered this topic in this article.

Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below and also if you have any query or suggestion just Feel free to contact us.

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