7 Best Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your ROI In 2023

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Today I’m going to tell you the best email marketing tips to do it effectively which helps to improve your ROI.

Before we start, why email?

Email isn’t the sexiest and shinest strategy, but the latest stats show that email generates
$42 for every $1 spent. How’s that for ROI? Now that you know the profitability of email marketing, let’s get started.

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Here are the 7 Best Email Marketing Tips:

  • Start Building Your Email List
  • Choose the Best Email Marketing Software
  • Set up your Lead Magnet Delivery Email
  • Build a Welcome Sequence
  • Plan your Promotional Calendar
  • Learn Copywriting
  • Measure your Results

1:- Start Building Your Email List:

First, you need to start building your list, the only thing you need is a great piece of content that you can offer in exchange for your prospect email. In the digital marketing world, this is known as a lead magnet or freebie. This freebie or lead magnet can be anything that solves a problem for your audience. A checklist, a cheat sheet, a quiz, a video training.

Start Building your Email List

There are two aspects you need to pay attention to make sure you have the most attractive lead magnet possible. First is that your lead magnet must deliver a result of some kind, not just offer them more knowledge.

Second, it needs a great title. The title is the first thing your prospect is going to see and to make it great you should focus on the benefits and the end results of what you are offering. You should also try to pick their curiosity.

Now that you made your lead magnet, you need to put a space on your website to capture the email addresses. You can put it in the sidebar, in the middle of the content, at the end of the content, and even as a pop-up form. Ok, now that you have their email address what should you do? Let’s go to the next step.

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2:- Choose the Best Email Marketing Software:

You need to choose an email delivery platform that is going to automatically deliver your lead magnet and store all your email contacts. You have a lot of different options in the market, We recommend ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool which is the best software available in the market.

ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit is the Best Email Marketing Software available in the market. If you want to improve your Best ROI then I will recommend you to use ConvertKit Tool. 

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3:- Set up your Lead Magnet Delivery Email:

Now that you made your choice of your email provider, you need to set up your lead magnet delivery email. This is a very simple step, you don’t need to get complicated.

Just write a very simple email reiterating how the lead magnet will help them and linking to the piece of content inside the email.

4:- Build a Welcome Sequence:

Your goal with email marketing is to build a relationship with your prospects because people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Your goal here is to start by leading with value. A good frame of mind to help you with this is to treat your prospect like they’re already a client.

Give them quick wins, give them free content that will help them achieve results and they will start to wonder: oh my god, if the free is already great, I can’t even imagine how great the paid content will be. You will never go wrong by providing value to your marketplace.

The email sequence, to tell the truth, it’s very tricky to teach. The possibilities are endless and there are a lot of different ways you can do it. Here’s an example of how marketer Bjorgvin Benediktsson recommends a welcome sequence:

Best Email Marketing Tips: Welcome Sequence

Source: Medium.com

The sequence will vary according to your specific goal. It can be 3 emails long or 10 emails long. It can try to sell a product or it can seek some other form of engagement.

5:- Plan your Promotional Calendar:

The goal of your promotional calendar is to think about what are the types of emails you’ll be sending and how many emails you’ll send per week.

The first thing is to decide the types of emails you want to create and send. Here are a variety of emails to give you an idea:

  • Weekly email newsletter.
  • New product launches.
  • Affiliate promotions.
  • Blog content promotion.
  • Free trials and follow-ups.
  • Webinars.

With these in mind, you can plan how many emails you should send per week based on the things you need to promote. There is no hard rule about how many emails you should send, but it’s important to send at least one email per week to keep your audience engaged.

6:- Learn Copywriting:

Copywriting is the ability to use the written word to persuade someone to take an action. That can be to respond to a message that you wrote, to purchase your product, to click on the link. Basically, copywriting is closing in print. It’s the ability to persuade, influence, and engage. It’s not about writing, it’s about closing.

Learn Copywriting

Email copywriting has to do with writing effective calls-to-actions to make people perform the desired action. It also has to do with writing compelling subject lines to increase your open rate. Your success with email marketing is directly related to your copywriting skills.

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7:- Measure your Results:

To finish, there are important metrics you should be measuring to improve your results. Here are some:

Open rate: It’s the percentage of your email recipients who opened your email.

Click-through rate: It’s the percentage of your email recipients who clicked on a link inside your email.

Unsubscribe rate: It’s the percentage of your email recipients who clicked on the unsubscribe link inside your email.

Conversion rate: It’s the percentage of your email recipients who completed your desired action.

With these important metrics in mind, you can start to make some tests to improve your campaigns. Try to send emails at different times to see which time generates the best open rate which improves your website traffic also look for the topics that perform better, and try out different types of subject lines.


That was it! In this guide, we showed you the 7 best email marketing strategies to improve your ROI. So, Ready to do email marketing with the help of ConvertKit? Click here to get a 14 Days Free Trial of ConvertKit.

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