Hostinger Review India (2021) – A Complete Web Hosting Overview

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Is Hostinger India Web Hosting Worth it for You?

Looking for the Hostinger web hosting review then read this full article for a better understanding of the Hostinger India Web hosting overview. First, if you want to know which is the best web hosting available in the market.

Hostinger India Review

  • ✓A+ 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
  • Uptime 99.98%
  • Price starts at Rs59/mo*.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Chat support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free Domain & SSL certificate
  • ✓Get 70% Discount

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Hostinger India Review:

Hostinger is one of the best Affordable Web hosting available in the market because of its price, features and customer support which is available 24/7/365 Chat support for its customers.

It has the most affordable web hosting plans with FREE Domain & SSL certificate. It makes your website faster and smoother for your visitors.

Our Ratings:A+ 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Support:24/7/365 live Chat Support and Email Support
Best Features:Lightspeed Cache, Free Domain and SSL, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Hosting Plans:Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS and Minecraft Hosting
Pricing:Starting at Rs 59/mo*

Hostinger India Review

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These are some points which we tested to check Hostinger web hosting:-

Speed:- Speed is one of the most important parts of any website, and mostly speed depends on the servers of the hosting provider company, So we also check the speed of the Hostinger Web hosting website. 

Customer Support:- Customer support also reflects how was the hosting company service, and how much friendly the customer support team and they are customer friendly or not.

Features:- Plans & their features are a very important part of any hosting providing company and in which plan what features they provided and it’s suitable for your need or not.

Plan Pricing:- Plan pricing is also very crucial for any hosting providing company because the customer chooses only those plans, in which the cost of the plan is affordable and in which they get the maximum discount.

About Hostinger

About Hostinger

Hostinger founded by Arnas Stuopelis in 2004 and it’s headquarters located in  KaunasLithuania, Hostinger is a parent company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster and Weblink. Today the company have more than 500+ employees till 2019 and currently, it already hosts thousands of websites.

These are not only the numbers but it actually shows the rapid growth of the company in Hosting providing companies among the world.

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Hostinger Hosting:

Every Hosting company which is available in the market have pros and cons, every company has its advantages and disadvantages as well, so here are the pros and cons of Hostinger:-

Hostinger Pros & Cons


1:- 24/7/365 Customer Chat Support:- Hostinger has very good and user-friendly customer chat support available among the hosting providing companies.

You can also send the email related to any of your queries and they will solve your query or problem as soon as possible. 

2:- 30 days Money-Back Guarantee:- Hostinger has a 100% money-back guarantee under 30 days if you don’t like their hosting service, so this is really a good thing about Hostinger hosting that they will refund your money if you don’t like their service. 

3:- User-Friendly Control Panel:- Hostinger has a very user-friendly control panel where you manage all your website files and domain, it is very easy to use also for a beginner if they don’t know much about the Control panel.

In the control panel, there are lots of tools that helps you to optimize your site.

4:- Free Domain & SSL:- Hostinger provide their new customer with a free Lifetime SSL certificate and 1-year free domain, where many hosting providing companies charge highly for it. 

5:- Affordable Hosting Plans:- Hostinger provides the most affordable shared web hosting plans starting with Rs 59/mo which is the lowest price of web hosting in the market.

And the good thing is that at this price the web hosting provides you with superb fast website loading time which helps you in optimizing SEO.

6:- Automatic WordPress installation:- Hostinger provides automatic WordPress installation with an easy to set up process when you purchase their web hosting it will automatically install the WordPress on your website account with a simple click.

Without going into the long process of installing WordPress. 

7:- Free Website Migration:- Hostinger provides free website migration for 1 website if you don’t know how to transfer a WordPress website from one hosting to another.

If you contact them to transfer your website, then their expert team transfer any one of your website for free.


1:- No Daily Backups on Single & Premium Web Hosting:- Hostinger did not provide daily backups on their starting two shared web hosting plans.

Hostinger did not provide any weekly or daily backup on its single web hosting plan and it also did not provide daily backup on premium web hosting.

So, here are the Hostinger India Review Points Description:-

1:- Speed:-

We tested the speed of a website that is hosted on Hostinger shared web hosting servers and we get some good results, if you talk about the speed of the website, here is a screenshot of the speed test:-

Hostinger speed

So, this is the Speed test of Hostinger hosting and the results are awesome, so if you are talking about how was the speed of hostinger India hosting then I’ll say A+ 99% Performance.

Page Speed Score:- A+ 99%

YSlow Score:- A+ 99%

Load Time:- 0.143 s

2:- Customer Support:-

Now, we can talk about the customer support of Hostinger hosting company, It provides 24/7/365 customer chat support and they solve your problem or any of your queries as soon as possible and provide the best customer service.

So their customer doesn’t face any kind of problem. If you tell them to migrate your website then they do it for free!!

They are very quick to respond to your query and their behaviour is also very good with their customers, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of problem, they will solve it out.

You can also chat with them and also solve your query through E-mail.

24/7/365 Customer support

3:- Features:-

Hostinger is recommended by because it’s very suitable for beginners and it has very affordable Web Hosting Plans for beginners also provides a Free SSL certificate and 1 Year Free Domain.

Hostinger provides really amazing features in its Business Web Hosting Plan:

✔️100 Websites
✔️100 GB SSD Storage
✔️100 000 Visits Monthly
✔️Free Email
✔️Free SSL (₹855 value)
✔️Free Domain (₹602 value)
✔️Unlimited Bandwidth
✔️Managed WordPress
✔️WordPress Acceleration
✔️30 Days Money Back Guarantee
✔️Unlimited Databases
✔️GIT Access
✔️SSH Access
✔️Daily Backups (₹660 value)
✔️Free CDN (₹545 value)

Hostinger provides Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and domains etc.

If you are a beginner then go for shared hosting which is suitable for beginners.

But Here look at Prices of Hostinger Different Web Hosting Plans:

  • Shared Web Hosting:-

Shared Web Hosting is the most recommended web hosting for beginners. Hostinger provides 3 shared web hosting plans.

It has a Single plan, Premium plan, Business plan and these plans available at different prices.

Pricing starts at Rs59/mo*

  • WordPress Hosting:-

Hostinger WordPress Hosting is also a popular WordPress hosting if you want a really very fast WordPress Website.

It Provides 4 WordPress Hosting Plans, Single WordPress Plan, WordPress Starter Plan, Business WordPress Plan, WordPress Premium and these plans available at different prices.

Pricing starts at Rs79/mo*

  • Cloud Hosting:-

Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting is generally for PRO level experts for heavy load Website, it is basically for if you require the ultimate in performance, security, and control.

It Provides 3 Dedicated Web Hosting Plans, Startup Plan, Professional Plan, Cloud Global Plan and these plans available at different prices.

Pricing starts at Rs799/mo*

  • VPS Hosting:-

Hostinger VPS web Hosting is generally between Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting, VPS hosting provides virtual private servers to host your website.

It Provides 6 VPS Hosting Plans, VPS1, VPS2, VPS3, VPS4, VPS5, VPS6 and these plans available at different prices.

Pricing starts at Rs285/mo*

Hostinger Features

  • Domain Pricing:

If you Buy Premium Plans of Hostinger then it will give you Free Domain in various Hosting Plans but if you want to Purchase only Domain, then you have to pay for it, here are the Hostinger Domain Prices:-

Hostinger Domain Prices

4:- Plan Pricing:-

Hostinger provides 3 different plans for shared web hosting according to the website need, it has a single web hosting plan, Premium web hosting plan, Business web hosting and this plan available at different prices, here is a lookup of these plan pricing.

Hostinger Shared web hosting plans

1:-Single Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 59/mo*

(Ideal Solution for beginners)

Hostinger provides its first shared hosting plan starting with Rs 59/mo* which is ideal for beginners. It only supports 1 website and 1 email account but you did not get any free domain if you purchase this plan.

But Hostinger gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website in this plan. Also, you did not get any automatic daily or weekly backup option in this plan. ₹99/mo when you renew.

2:-Premium Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 119/mo* (Most Popular)

(Perfect Package for personal websites)

Hostinger provides its second shared hosting plan starting with Rs 119/mo* which is a perfect package for personal websites.

It also supports 100 websites and 100 emails accounts and also you get a free domain for 1 year if you purchase this plan.

Also, in this plan, Hostinger gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website. Also, you did get an automatic weekly backups option in this plan but no daily backups. ₹199/mo when you renew.

3:-Business Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 219/mo*

(Optimized for small and medium businesses)

Hostinger provides its third shared hosting plan starting with Rs 219/mo* which is a perfect package for small and medium business websites.

It also supports 100 websites and 100 emails accounts and also you get a free domain for 1 year if you purchase this plan.

Also, in this plan, Hostinger gives a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for 1 website. Also, you did get an automatic daily backups option in this plan. ₹399/mo when you renew.

If you make a Heavy website for your business then go for cloud hosting.

The basic difference between these plans is allocated resources that highly impact your website speed.

Single web hosting Plan:- Allocated Resources

Premium web hosting Plan:- Allocated Resources

Business web hosting Plan:- Allocated Resources

See all Features of every plan here>>>

Hostinger India Coupon Code:- Get 70% OFF Using this Code:-

70% OFF

With this deal, you"ll get 70% Discount on any hosting packages from Hostinger. And add this coupon code to get Extra Discount.

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Note:- Just click on Coupon Code and 70% Coupon automatically activated on Hostinger hosting Sign up Form. And add “EMITREVIEWS” to get an Extra Discount while purchasing.

Here are the steps to use Coupon Code for Hostinger hosting:-

Step 1:- Click on Coupon code:-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Hostinger-coupon-code.jpg

Go on Coupon Code and 70% Coupon automatically activated on Hostinger hosting Sign up Form. And add “EMITREVIEWS” to get an Extra Discount while purchasing.

Step 2:- Select your Web Hosting Plan:-

After claim on the coupon, you’ll be redirected to Hostinger and the coupon of 70% automatically activated when you claim and now you have to select your web hosting plan.

Hostinger Shared web hosting plans

Single Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 59/mo*

Recommended:- Premium Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 119/mo*

Business Web Hosting Plan:- Rs 219/mo* 

Step 3:- Select Web Hosting Period:-

Select the web hosting period for how long you want to purchase web hosting, I suggest purchasing for a long time.

Because their renewal price is more than the first purchase price, whether you purchase for 1 month or 4 years. So, I recommend going for a longer period.

Select web hosting period

Step 4:- Choose a Free Domain:-

On the lower-left hand side, you get an option to select the free domain which is given by Hostinger India for premium and business hared web hosting.

choose free domain

Step 5:- Checkout Payment:-

After selecting the domain, you have to do a checkout to complete purchasing and you see in the screenshot all the possible payment option is available.

Checkout Payment

Step 6:- Create Account and Made Payment:-

After clicking on checkout, it goes to the signup page, you need to enter your email and password (note those things through which you crating an account).

And then made payment through your preferred payment option and receive a confirmation email after payment on your email Id.

Create an account

Step 7:- Receive a Confirmation Email:-

You get a confirmation email on your email ID from Hostinger after completing your payment and creating an account.


Conclusion of Hostinger India Review:-

So, you already read the full review of Hostinger hosting, and now you clear all your doubts about Hostinger.

And yes, Hostinger is the most affordable web hosting company in the world and also I suggest to all my visitors go for Hostinger if you want an affordable price web hosting, so it’s all your choice you want to go for it or not.

Hostinger India FAQs

The Clear Answer is Hostinger. Because Hostinger is the most popular and most affordable Web Hosting Provider in India. Definitely, Hostinger is better than GoDaddy.
Yes, Hostinger Provides FREE SSL for Lifetime for 1 website and FREE Domain for 1st Year. And, if you request from their customer support, then they will also give you multiple SSL for FREE after purchasing web Hosting.
Yes, Hostinger provides FREE Website Migration for 1 Website if you want to change your web Hosting from another host to Hostinger.
Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans starting at Rs59/mo* and You will get Extra Discount if you go from our Discount Link.
Hostinger Servers are deployed in 7 different regions: UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Lithuania.

Hostinger Coupon:-

70% OFF

With this deal, you"ll get 70% Discount on any hosting packages from Hostinger. And add this coupon code to get Extra Discount.

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So, this is the Hostinger India review. And, also if you are a beginner and don’t know how to purchase a Hostinger India hosting we also covered this topic in this article.

Hope guys, you like the article, please comment down below and also if you have any query or suggestion just Feel free to contact us.

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