TheWpTeach is committed to providing the most trusted Web Hosting reviews after testing every Web Hosts service.

Our Criteria for Testing Web Hosting:

TheWpTeach has its own criteria to test every web hosting and give the real trustworthy reviews for you. Here are some points which we are looking for every hosting before publishing review.

  • Price
  • Speed and Uptime
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Customer Support
  • Security

What We Do Before Publishing any Web Hosting Review:

Here are some steps what we do before publishing any web hosting review on our Website:-

Step 1:- Signing Up with every Web Hosting Provider:

First, we Signing up for every web hosting provider to get the real results of every web hosts provider.

Step 2:- Purchase New Domain for Every Web Hosts:

After signing up, we purchase a new domain for every web hosting to test the real results on different Domains.

Step 3:- Install WordPress:

After completing both the steps, we install Wordpress to check the real uptime speed of website after doing some work on it.

Step 4:- Checking Speed and Up time of the website at least 6 months:

After Installing wordpress we work on that website atleast 6 months to check the real speed and uptime for getting better results.

Step 5:- Check Customer Support of every Web Hosts providers:

We check every customer support atleast 5 times in every aspect of their support through E-mail, Live Chat and call support and also we check how fast they help their customer.

Step 6:- Review Every web hosts Pros and Cons: 

After checking their customer support, then we check what are the Pros and Cons of the Web Hosting.

What features they provide their customers in web hosting Like free Domain, Free SSL, Renewal Prices, Refund options and many more.

Step 7:- Then we Publish our Honest Review of that Web Hosting:

After testing all the above steps, then we publish our honest review on our website for those people who want to know the Real Review of web hosting which they want to purchase.

So, for these Reasons you can Trust our Hosting Review because our Review is real and trustworthy and very transparent as well. Also, we first test the Web hosting at least 6 months before publishing any Review on Web Hosts Providers.

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